f you have helped fund the largest crowdfunded video game, Star Citizen and now feel misled, then you may be eligible for compensation. The client pays nothing unless the law firm wins.

Past History & Sluggish Game Developments Point Towards A Possible Failure.

Star Citizen is a sprawling online video game allegedly being developed by Chris Roberts of Cloud Imperium Games ("CIG"). Star Citizen, which is a multiplayer game, has a single-player offline campaign called Squadron 42. Star Citizen & Squadron 42 are part of the same game universe, functionally connected & essentially as two modules that make up a large whole.

In 2012, CIG began seeking funds for the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42. Most ofthe development funds came from consumers, with CIG raising $242 million from over 1.1 million consumers. Customers helped game development by contributing cash or purchasing add-ons (or digital toys) to be used in the game. Many of the digital toys are worthless, being unusable until the games are finished.

Famous game maker Chris Roberts openly indicated that it was impossible to put a "definitive date" on Squadron 42's completion. "I know everyone would like a definitive date on when Squadron 42 will be done, but the best answer I can give you is that it will be done when it is done, and that will not be this year," is what he stated.

You cannot even expect the beta version of the game this year. Hopes for that were shot down further by Brian Chambers, the vice president of development on the game, in the long-awaited new video series designed to provide Squadron 42 development updates.

As of today, it has been almost eight (8) years since the game was announced, and CIG has still not released a fully functioning version of Star Citizen or Squadron 42. Customers who bought the Star Citizen or Squadron 42 game or add-ons on or before August 28, 2013, may be entitled to a significant compensation.

Given the vagueness with which the game's development is going through, it's turning out way more frustrating for those who backed the original Kickstarter. Famous game maker Derek Smart has been very vocal about the game scenario since 2012 & openly state it as a scam on his blog. "I never thought that I would be writing words saying six years after its initial crowdfunding, and four years after it was promised to be released, that Star Citizen is still nowhere near completion. Not even close."

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You May Be Eligible For A Significant Compensation

The game makers have been giving numerous assurances to collect a huge chunk of money. However, the raised funds are again reportedly used to increase the game's scope & thus diverting from the original promises.

California consumers who funded the game initially are now skeptical about any possible game release & feel that they'll never receive what they paid for.

Aware of the struggles in the game development & sluggish response from its developers, many California consumers who have funded the game are looking to file a lawsuit against the makers.

Consumers who funded Star Citizen & long waiting for some outcome believe that filing a lawsuit will give them a better glimpse at what's going on or help them get their money back.

If you are a customer who funded the game, then you may be eligible for compensation.

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